Trial of former Alex security head adjourned due to disorderliness

The trial of Alexandria’s former security head, the central security sector head and four other officers charged with killing of dozens of protesters during the 25 January revolution was adjourned for a second time in its first session due to disorderliness.

The trial is being held at the Alexandria Criminal Court.

Civil plaintiffs asked the court to investigate the release of the officers involved in the case despite prosecution ordering their continued imprisonment.

Prosecution lawyers asked the court to allow the screening of evidence, both inside and outside the courtroom, that proves the suspects carried out the crime of killing protesters. They said they are in the process of submitting a request to the Supreme Judicial Council to allow the media to cover the case because of its significance to public interest. 

Meanwhile, the defense team threatened to withdraw due to noise and disorder in the courtroom.

The bench adjourned the session after two lawyers had an argument and a family member hurled their shoes at the suspects standing behind bars.

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