TV host airs claims that Sisi is mentioned in Quran and will destroy Israel

Egyptian television host Mohamed al-Gheity has broadcast claims from an unconventional author that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was mentioned in the Quran and that Israel will be destroyed by the Egyptian president, according to a report in the Arabic-language version of Huffington Post.

The claims, which Gheity apparently believes, were broadcast on the LTC television channel on Thursday evening, and were harshly mocked on social media networks.

Gheity quoted a Facebook page called "Qatar Liberation Movement" as saying that Palestinaian author Bassam Gerar has demonstrated that Sisi will bring about the end of Israel. Gerar allegedly made the claims in his book,
"Israel's Demise in 2022: a prophecy of the Quran or numerical coincidence?"

The claims are far from new, since the book was first published in 1992, and it makes no mention of Sisi's name.

Gheity displayed a post from the Facebook page — itself published back in December 3, 2014 — that used Gerar's book to demonstrate that Sisi was mentioned in the Quran and will bring about the demise of Israel. The Facebook page always publishes pro-Sisi posts.

The TV host read out the post, which said that the demise of Israel in 2022 can be calculated by studying Surat Al-Isra (The Night Journey), especially the verse that talks about the delivery of prophecy to Prophet Moses, and using mathematical equations using the number 19, combined with predictions stated in the Torah.

The Egyptian presidential elections were held in late May 2014, and Sisi will rule Egypt for two consecutive terms of office, meaning for eight years, said Gheity. The equation works out as follows: (2014+8=2022).

All of which means that Sisi is the Arabic leader chosen by God to achieve stability, security and justice for Egyptians and in the Arab world, the TV host continued.

Gheity stressed that the coming days would demonstrate the truth of his claim.

His words went viral on social media and were met with harsh sarcasm and mockery by many Facebook and Twitter users.

Since Sisi came to power, many journalists and politicians have flattered him with praise. One of the most controversial descriptions came from Al-Azhar University professor Saad Eddin al-Hilali, who described him as a "messenger sent by God, just like he sent Moses."

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